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Here at Elim we value Community. Here are just a few of the ways you can get connected into our Community.

Growth Track

Growth Track is a three-session short course designed to give you all the information you need to know about God, Elim Church, and the role you play in our community. We run these every month on Sunday mornings to make it easy for you to attend.

At the end of the course, you should be able to understand Elim's core values, your value as a child of God, and where to go from here.





    What do you need to know about Connect Groups?

    1. They are the single most important part of our church. They'll get you connected faster than fibre broadband and keep you involved in the many different communities of our church.
    2. They run alongside school terms. So every term you have the opportunity to sign up to a different group or stay with the group you're in.
    3. We have both study and social groups. While we encourage you to sign up to at least one study group, our social groups also offer community with a side of fun.
    4. We have a list of our current groups and a form you can fill in to join.

    Oxygen Youth


    Years 9 - 13

    Every Friday night, Oxygen Youth gathers for various events through the term. You'll be sure to find the big topics being tackled, as well as a great community, lots of bangin music, and some great leaders to help light the way.





    AGES 1-4



    AGES 5-10


    180 DEGREES

    SCHOOL YEAR 7-10


    Every Sunday morning we have progams set up for kids right from the age of 1 up to school year 10. We have Power Sparks for preschoolers, Power Zone for Primary school aged kids, and 180 Degrees for Intermediate/Junior High aged kids. All kids welcome.